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Artificial Snow

Add snow to your winter shop window displays, events or parties!
Fake snow

The best artificial snow around, our artificial snow achieves an amazing resemblance to the real thing by producing a carefully selected and specially treated copolymer film, which is shredded to produce flakes of a similar size, density, colour and opacity to real snow flakes.

The product provides a unique and highly impressive way of simulating falling, fallen or drifted snow and is totally dry - harmless to clothing and furniture.

The perfect way to give a winter theme to your shop window display
Cost effective - can be re-used year after year!

Our snow complies with BSEN597-2:1995 Part 2 Ignition source
(as tested by Fira Intl Ltd to demonstrate compliance)
and treated with anti-static coating.

Use it for stage, studio, window dressing, Christmas grotto theming, parties or in conjunction with a fan or wind machine to give you a controlled snowfall in theatre productions.

Snow is available in 4kg (8.8lbs, approx. 58 litres) heavy duty, heat sealed plastic sacks, equivalent to a fully stuffed pillowcase, giving a coverage of approximately 5 square metres (54 sq ft) to a depth of 1cm (0.4"). The flakes can be used in a conventional snow-dispensing device and can also be propelled by a current of air to create a blizzard.

Attention visual merchandisers: our snow does not yellow, shrink or perish like ‘instant snow’ products available elsewhere (where water is added to powder). Our snow does NOT require water and is completely DRY.

1-10 11-20 21+
Large 4kg Bag (equiv. 58 litre) SEE BELOW £26.80 £25.20

Prices above for 11+ bags above are per bag and exclude carriage and VAT @20%.
You can buy these securely online below.
To order more than 10 bags, please contact us to place an order.

Delivered to your door usually next working day,
if order placed before 1.00PM.

Order Online:
1 x large 4kg bag of Snow
(£47.76 inc. VAT)
2 x large 4kg bags of Snow
(£83.40 inc. VAT)
3 x large 4kg bags of Snow
(£123.00 inc. VAT)
4 x large 4kg bags of Snow
(£159.60 inc. VAT)
5 x large 4kg bags of Snow
(£198.00 inc. VAT)
6 x large 4kg bags of Snow
(£234.00 inc. VAT)
7 x large 4kg bags of Snow
(£270.00 inc. VAT)
8 x large 4kg bags of Snow
(£306.00 inc. VAT)
9 x large 4kg bags of Snow
(£338.40 inc. VAT)
10 x large 4kg bags of Snow
(£372.00 inc. VAT)
Higher quantities -
please contact us for special pricing

Contact us for further information or carriage prices for larger orders.

We expect a flurry of orders around the Christmas period, but keep very large stocks.

#iridescent See also our new iridescent sprinkles to add!

Completely dry, safe and non-harming artifical snow!

NEW! Iridescent Snow Sprinkles

Iridescent snow
Before being sprinkled - and after

A separate smaller bag of iridescent flakes to be sprinkled on the top of the white snow once positioned for added magic sparkle and frost-like crispiness in your display.

We recommend one small bag of iridescent sprinkles for each 4kg bag of snow above.

 Small Bag of iridescent sprinkles - £7.00


If you are ordering lots of bags of snow, we supply the iridescent sprinkles in larger size bags - the large bag is the equivalent of 4 x small bags.

 Large Bag of iridescent sprinkles - WAS £24.00 - NOW £19.50


For theatrical productions and other applications where QUIET falling snow is required - see our falling snow spray canisters.

falling snow spray


Prices exclude VAT @ 20%.

Orders are processed and dispatched by Pea Soup Ltd Special Effects

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